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All Creatures Great and Small Vet Clinic, Corvallis, OR Surgery

Advanced Anesthesia and Pain Management

Before Surgery

Your pet is given a preoperative exam. Recommendations are made pertaining to preanesthetic blood screening, IV fluids during surgery, etc. A personalized plan is then formulated to maximize your pet’s anesthetic safety, keeping the needs of your pet as well as your concerns as an owner in mind.

During Surgery

Your pet’s heart rate/rhythm, temperature, respiration, and oxygen saturation are monitored both electronically and by a nurse. All major surgery is performed in our dedicated surgery suite using sterile technique, and on a heated surgery table. We use gas anesthesia (we have both isofurane and sevoflurane available) and oxygen administered through a carefully placed endotracheal tube to maintain your pet comfortably under anesthesia during their procedure. We have surgical IV pumps to administer fluids in order to maintain blood pressue, oxygen perfusion and to speed clearance of anesthesia after surgery.

During Recovery

Your pet will be kept warm and continuously monitored until awake. Additional pain medicines are administered to insure a comfortable recovery. Your pet will be pampered!

Did You Know?
In addition to spaying and neutering, we also provide advanced surgical procedures such as exploratories, mass removals, fracture repairs and other soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. We are also happy to refer you to a specialist whom we trust if the procedure is beyond our capabilities.